The MiniLander UPDATE

So some of my followers might have noticed that I have two projects on the go right now. The first Project and the one that will take the longest is my 1992 Toyota 4×4. Ive converted it to a flat deck, done some Mechanical work but its been living at my friends auto body shop. Randy, an absolute legend, is doing some body work for me and getting some fresh paint on the cab of the truck. He’s also mounting some new doors and fenders as well. They had rust in them and I want this truck to be a lasting truck as I journey around the western Hemisphere. I don’t know if I plan on taking it across the ocean. I feel I would prefer a Landcruiser at that point and something that is diesel.
The body work has proved to be a little more difficult for Randy then we initially anticipated. The problem being around the windshield frame. What has happened is water has seeped in over time and left little rust holes in the frame. While they didn’t look that bad when I removed the window (Thanks Speedy Glass), after sandblasting there was a few more holes. The rear window frame and the floor pan had some minor issues as well but the rest looks amazing and I can’t wait to see the finished product.
After all the body work is done, there is one huge project afterward. This is the worst but will create a well finished product. The cab has to come off and a new frame has to be put underneath. The whole drive train and suspension also has to be moved over to the new frame along with a couple mods too. I plan to give the truck a body lift to help clear bigger tires. I will also have to lower the radiator and raise the front bumper so that it all lines up correctly and functions as it should.
I can’t wait to see what it looks like all finished and with the camper built for it as well. This is my first truck build ever so I’m a little on the anxious side when it comes to getting it done. For me it seems like such a big deal but I just love the process of it. Anyways, thats the update on the MiniLander, stay tuned for future updates and enjoy the pictures posted below.

Screw Drivers show where the holes are.

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