Summer 2017 Update

Well, Its been more then a month since my last update, in fact, its been almost two. Hopefully none of you are complaining but when you get busy like I do, things happen faster then you can blog about.
So! We’ll start at June 30th. I finished my test to complete my 3rd year of apprenticeship training. I was so excited to pass after a brutal course where the information retained was so intense. I literally drove straight from my test in Kelowna, caught a ferry back to beautiful Vancouver Island and sailed to Victoria so I could visit my mom and step dad for a couple days. I needed to relax and break my regular cycle. I didn’t have to work until the 4th of July so I had 4 days to explore and do some restful things. After visiting with my parents,  I went to Tofino for a night and enjoyed the beaches and the company of some friends that were there.
July 4th hit and it was great to be back to work. I needed money in the bank really bad as almost 2 months at school had emptied my bank account and the apprenticeship supports cash hadn’t hit the bank account yet. There is something to be said for a regular, scheduled life. I actually hate it but have come to enjoy the pace of it. It’s not so bad but when your friends are taking off on adventures and you have to work, you question the sanity of having a full time job. Money fills the bank though! And that is good for making other dreams happen.
The month of July went by really quickly. Camping in a different spot every weekend, Cortes Island, Boot lake, NW coast of the island in a cabin, Comida lake with the family, ever weekend spent out of town, and usually out of cell service. I love it! except when people need to call me and I’m not around to take their calls. With maybe 4 more available weekends left in the summer Its hard to say where I will go next. I get my truck back next week so I will probably do a quick trip with it out to a spot called side by.
Telegraph Cove

Secret Cabin

View from secret cabin


I have also wound up with another project. A 1972 Kustom Coach travel trailer. Its got really good bones, isn’t musty and I’m making it into my winter home. Of course it needs a few things to update it. Fresh coat of paint inside and out, a few little fit and finish projects, then it should be comfy to live in. There will be more updates on it later in its own blog post.
Fresh coat of paint
One final thing, I have become an ambassador for an outdoor company called Madera outdoor ( They sell these amazing hammocks made out of Parachute material and the sale of each hammock plants two trees. Hammocks need trees after all! Also, a percentage of each product sold on the website goes towards supporting villages in developing countries, to teach them sustainable farming. I love how environmentally conscious people have become but I love it even more when people have a higher conscious for the wellbeing of humanity. This company does both and I think thats wonderful. Check out there website and if you want to buy a hammock, use the code WKIRK2. You will get a 20% discount, get to help the environment, help people and also help support some of my dreams. Seems like a win win to me! Plus you get an amazing hammock!
Well thats it for now! Hope everyone is having an amazing summer!

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