Reflections after one month



Sitting in another parking lot where I have found free internet! Its a fun adventure trying to figure out where I am going to sleep each night. I can’t believe I am a month into this adventure already and I’m just loving it! Even more amazing is how it has become so easy to take off on the weekends and go crazy places. Thanksgiving in Calgary? No problem! Just baton down the hatches and off I go!

Calgary was an amazing trip though and I hadn’t driven the roads there in the day time in a long time. Being in the mountains just blesses my soul and I am wish for an amazing year of snow so I can get out on my skis again. My real reason for going to Calgary was to have some good family time. None of my family is actually from there but my sister, her boyfriend and cousin have migrated to the city and my Mom is in Saskatchewan. My other sister wasn’t to far off in Valemount so we all descended upon that prairie town and all hell broke loose. We are a crazy bunch, not in a drinking and party kind of way but we laugh hysterically at everything and the wit, oh the wittiness of my family. Can’t forget that turkey dinner though. With my mom, sister and cousin at the helm, there was more then enough gourmet turkey dinner to go around. I would like to say though, my contribution to the meal was peeling potatoes with my sisters boyfriend and getting to know him. Great guy!

Life in the camper van has been such a learning experience for me. So far it has been everything I have expected it to be but I have been surprised at the little extra things I have had to buy to make the move a little nicer. Stuff like storage containers, and baskets to put things, to keep it tidy. Its important to maintain cleanliness when living in such a small space. Especially when your house has a tendency to withstand hurricane force winds as it barrels down the highways. Its a different mindset of living thats for sure. Theres always that thought in the back of your mind, “is thing going to move or impale me while I’m driving”? If the answer is yes, put it away and if the answer is no, PUT IT AWAY. Just today I left my camp stove on the counter and would you believe around a corner it slid delicately off the counter and landed with a crash on the floor. I was disappointed to find some of the welds had broken so I will have to fix that.

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