Rain has begun to patter on the roof of the van! For some this might sound like a minor nuisance but for me its an entirely different story. It’s starting to get cold during the nights where I am currently living while I finish off some apprenticeship training and it has resulted in me stacking up the wool blankets. It keeps me fairly warm and I wear a toque as well to keep the heat inside my skull. At times this is what wakes me up during the night. I have found another trick that works well, because I don’t actually like wearing an itchy wool toque while I sleep, is to stick my other feather pillow on top of my head and create a breathing whole so I can still get fresh air during the night. I have trouble pulling blankets over my face because the air becomes stuffy from breathing in and out.

Staying warm will be easier when I finally have my heater hooked up properly. Its a really neat, propane powered boat heater that puts out a huge amount of heat with the most minimal usage of propane. It’s also very safe too because it vents properly outside and draws oxygen from outside too. It does not release and Carbon Monoxide gas into the interior nor does it deplete the oxygen levels either. A very highly rated heater that should keep me warm during the winter and hopefully up in the mountains too if I get to do a ski trip this season.

So what does the sound of rain mean to me? Why is it almost music to my ears? Well, when it’s raining, its above freezing and it means I am going to have a relatively warmer sleep during the night and it will feel a little nicer waking up in the morning and getting out of bed. Rain is a good thing and its pattering on the roof of the van is very welcomed. Tonight it will lull me to sleep.

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