It’s been awhile

Has it ever been awhile! Between having problems working my blog, learning how to internet better, and just being busy with life, I’ve let this Blog kind of go by the wayside for awhile. But guess what! I’m back! Let’s call this back anyways. There is much to catch up on in life. Firstly, a brand new 2019 Ford Transit van, which I’ve already owned for a year.

Would you believe I put on 30,000kms in one year? Some of that was one very Large trip to the great white North of Canada but I’ll do a dedicated blog post to that trip later.

I bought a brand new van because everything I’ve ever owned was old, broken, always needing something, and never quite comfortable enough. I have to say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

The same weekend I received the van, I also picked up a delightful little dog named Theo! He’s a 3 year old Australian Shepherd and he’s full of beans!

Theo has been such an amazing, adventure companion for the last year. He has also got me out the door on the boring days, for walks and I’ve met a lot of new people too from being out so much.

One other addition to the family was a small 1979 Honda CT90 motorcycle. It’s a light weight motorcycle that I can carry easily on the back of the van. It’s little party trick, is that is has 125cc engine in it so it has a lot more snot then factory. It’s great for taking Theo for runs… when I don’t want to run. Which is never. I hate running.

I’ve also finished my automotive apprenticeship and have been working away in a new shop. A mechanic is always learning, even when school is done. I know this skill set will play well into my future as a traveller and explorer.

Well, that’s all for now, short and sweet, hope you all enjoy readying.

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