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By Wesley Kirk | Oct 27, 2015

  Rain has begun to patter on the roof of the van! For some this might sound like a minor nuisance but for me its an entirely different story. It’s starting to get cold during the nights where I am currently living while I finish off some apprenticeship training and it has resulted in me…

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Reflections after one month

By Wesley Kirk | Oct 10, 2015

  Sitting in another parking lot where I have found free internet! Its a fun adventure trying to figure out where I am going to sleep each night. I can’t believe I am a month into this adventure already and I’m just loving it! Even more amazing is how it has become so easy to…

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An Introduction

By Wesley Kirk | Oct 1, 2015

So here it begins, an adventure a journey a dream, although, it didn’t just start now but has always been going. A daring vision, something to pursue in life. Passion that has changed over the years of growing up, an idea that has been warped by time and knowledge of this world. What is out…

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