My Name is Wesley...

My goal is to inspire people to get out and live life adventurously, live life in alternative living situations (Camper Van/Travel) and to dream big...

So here it begins, an adventure a journey a dream, although it hasn’t actually just started but has always been going, a daring vision, something to pursue in life. Passion that has changed over the years of growing up, an idea that has been warped by time and knowledge of this world. What is out there? who is out there? What are other cultures like? How might I travel, and who might I travel with? An endless amount of questions to pose as topics for research and study. Thats where the journey started in a sense. An idea to turn a dream into a passion and that passion into a plan. The Journey to get to the journey, which is what this website is about. Preparations, projects, side dreams, inspirations, adventures, and life as it comes.

This vessel called time, so long by our human perspective and so short from the eyes of heaven. Yet dreams can’t happen soon enough and when a goal is completed, the hours seem to have gone so quickly. Which makes ones heart yearn for the next endeavour and to fulfill the new dream. For one dream brings on many more and they grow and grow.

Join me on this adventure as I pursue my dreams. Be inspired to dream again! To start something new! To jump on an idea! To even live vicariously through what I do in life. Enjoy travaland, “a place I want to go”.

I'd love to hear from you and hear what your dream is!

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