2016, What this last year looked like.

Well, Its been over a year since I post on this blog last. My Last post was indeed November 2015 so I better catch you all up on whats been happening this last year.
2016 Started day one with the Death of my grandfather. New years Eve day at about 10 am, while on the phone with my family who were in the hospital room with him, he breathed his last and his spirit was taken into heaven. Leaving behind a world of sorrow. It was exactly 11 years to the day that his wife and my Step-Grandmother, also died. It was a tough time but it resulted in a 1200km road trip for me to visit with family and go to the funeral In Kelowna BC. I took my 1989 Saab 900 through some of the highest mountain passes in the middle of a Canadian winter. Most would find this stressful and a couple times, the roads were a dismal mess at best. I was happy for my Swedish brand, Gislaved, winter tires on my swedish car. Many think these cars break like egg shells, but maintained correctly, they are very reliable and VERY good in winter conditions. My time with the family was sad and full of mourning but there was still some fun times. My two sisters, my mother and I had not been in the same place together for about 5 years so it was great being an almost complete family for that week.
The end of January started a new chapter in my Overlanding career. I found a truck that I have admired, was for sale in the local classifieds. While it was in poor shape, the price couldn’t be beat! I have another blog post coming soon that will describe the truck a little better. Heres a snap shot for now
May and June I went and finished my 2nd year of my apprenticeship at school which is also in Kelowna. Now I live on Vancouver island, and most wonder why I drive so far for technical training. Especially when I can go to the next city down from me and take it there. Well here’s why! In 2010, I lived with my Grandfather in Kelowna for a year. I was going to a Ministry School at the time and searching my life out. I was about 20 at the time, had worked two years at a dealership, got badly hurt by them and needed to get away for awhile. So I made a lot of friends in Kelowna and since my time there, had always wanted to get back and spend sometime with them. Going to school there for my apprenticeship training, allowed me to rekindle those old friendships and also make some solid new ones! I also get to hang out with my family while I’m there too! So what it is, is a little bit of a vacation, in a spot I know well but it’s still outside of my regular normals. I love the trip and I love how I bounced around the city and once again brought the Wally Van.
The summer was spent enjoy my other friends property, parked under the trees next to the field. The Camper van, parked in the shade of the trees and with the windows open, remained mostly cool inside. I bought a mountain bike again, after years, and surprised some of my friends with my ability to ride very well, despite being so long out of the scene. In August I went to Kelowna for the 3rd time in less then a year, and watched to amazing friends of mine, walk down the aisle and get married! What an amazing time! This was also the road trip in My overlanding truck. While I did a straight shot to Kelowna, my return trip home was spent exploring some backroads from Lytton to Lilloet. I’ll explain that more in a future blog as well.
September 10 saw the end of me living in a van for one year and while I ended up staying a grand total of 385 days in the van, it was an enriching experience and one I may entertain again in the future. Seeing that the economy seems to be crashing around us, what better way to bank money then to squat in a old van on a friends piece of land. If they will receive me again with open arms of course! October 1st, I moved into a little suite at my friends place. I’ve been so blessed to be here doing life with them. Although I have my own part of the house, I feel very much apart of their family and I so appreciate the wisdom that comes from them. You know those people you have in your life, that whenever you have a new dream, or need advice, or need someone to talk to, they are there and abounding in wisdom. That is these people!
In October, I also joined a local Toyota 4×4 club. This has been a fun outlet for me to enjoy my Autumn and the beginning of winter. An excellent group of guys all with Toyota’s who love to get out and explore, pushing our vehicles, and our skills. There will be more blog post as we do club trips to different areas of the coast of Vancouver Island.
Well, thats pretty much 2016 done up in a snap shot! Other notable things would be I still have a job at an awesome shop and I have a couple friends who want to build trucks with me. Stay tuned! Lots More to come!

The making of a legend

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