November 2015

I’ve been coming to the coffee shop for just over ten years now. The fact that it has remained here in this ever changing world is a testament of the good flavours that come out of this place. I’m not talking Starbucks either but the coffee shop of humble means, almost bohemian staff, organic, fair trade, and ethical practices. Bean around the World has been a common stop with my frequent trips to Victoria as a teenager and young adult. I love this shop. Perfect by my standards.
I am in Victoria once again and I haven’t been here since 2013. I came merely on a whim to catch up with my Brother and watch some hockey with my cousins who I hadn’t seen in awhile either. Korean Bulgogi made a fantastic dinner and the hockey game was a win too. It’s good to see the Canucks learning to play better with all the changes they have made to the team this year.
While walking downtown yesterday evening, I came across some other van people. I almost stopped to talk to them and in hindsight, I probably should have. They had a really neat Mitsubishi, L400, Delica van that they were cooking dinner out of on Yates street. I am overjoyed when I come across people out on adventures. It spurs me on, especially when I find people out doing the same thing I am doing. I just love this idea of living out of a van and going places. I was made for this.
Something I didn’t think would be a challenge in Victoria was finding a decent place to park the van for the night. I was desperately in need of some wifi for this stop as I hadn’t caught up with emails in a couple days and I needed to check my bank account as well. The stop I found had exactly that while it was a little close to a busy road, I had a good nights sleep anyway. Some cities are secretly just good for finding quiet spots to park while others are a challenge given the layout of the area. I still love the adventure of it though.
Today is the last day of my seven weeks off work. While most of that time was spent taking my apprenticeship training in Kelowna, it allowed me to adventure around British Columbia a little bit. I think the trip to Calgary was the highlight though. Strictly because I got to see my Mom and sisters. It had been a long time since we had all been in the same place together. No surprise though, upon coming home from Kelowna, I was met by falling snow on the pass between Kelowna and Merrit. Enough snow to make me thankful for the tires that I put on the Camper van which were a gift from my Dad. I imagine there won’t be any Christmas presents this year but I don’t even care, a good set of tires is worth their weight in gold. I would highly suggest that if your in the market for a highly rated set of all terrain tires with a mud and snow rating, Cooper AT/3 will surprise you. Thats a side note though as I will do a proper review on them later.
The last leg of my journey will commence around noon today. Still deciding whether I take off a little early and drive to Port Renfrew and then take the back road over to Duncan. I do have a map so I imaging I could avoid getting lost as I have never been out that way before or on the Logging road after that heads out to Chemainus. Its amazing how one could live on an island their entire life and still not have explored every corner of it. I must change this! Every corner I look around, I find some new, mind blowing piece of creation. Rugged landscapes stretching out beyond the horizon and Mountains that seemingly fall directly into the sea. And that ocean, dashing with blues, emerald greens, wisps of white, deep in colour and demanding the respect of all who work or play on her, brings longing into my eyes. It makes me sit and meditate on life and it inspires adventure. What is beyond the horizon? Soon I will find out.

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